General Health

General Health

Like people, your pet's happiness rests on how healthy he is feeling.   We pledge to do everything we can to see that your animal stays in the best of health.   We want to prevent disease as well as treat it.   Illness prevention is always better than correction, and less expensive too!   We recommend that your healthy younger (7yrs) pet receive an annual examination to help catch any potential problems early.    Your older pet (7yrs) or pets with a condition need to receive examinations at least twice a year.

We also stress that vaccinations against contagious diseases your pet is at risk to be kept current, and require yearly heartworm testing and preventative for all dogs.   We strongly recommend heartworm preventative for cats also.   As a convenience, you will receive reminder notices when these are due.

Your pet's veterinarian is the most qualified to administer needed vaccinations to your pet.   Vaccination clinics at parking lots are not aware of your pet's health or needs.   We carry a wide range of preventative medications for your pet.   These medications/preventatives come with COMPLETE manufactures warranty  for safety, efficacy, and purity.   We stand behind these products 100%.   Be careful of purchasing products from the Internet as these are not sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies.

If you suspect your pet may be ill, please call us immediately.

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